Bringing vitality Back

We elevate workplace productivity, engagement, teamwork, and health
by teaching your people how to transform stress into vitality.

Imagine your workplace buzzing with people who are:

  • naturally productive
  • authentically engaged
  • effectively collaborating
  • consciously communicating

Yes, you can create this. It requires an evolved approach.

As a workplace leader, you are becoming keenly aware that stress is universal, yet elusive. You also recognize that conventional stress management programs are no longer as effective for breaking through highly-distracted minds in the workplace. Awareness Generation helps your company evolve into what does work.

Vitality innately lives in every person—we'll teach you how to unleash it.

Conventional stress management programs do a lot of talking—mostly about the problem. We dive into experiential learning solutions where participants practice techniques that deliver immediate results.  

What's our evolved approach?


Learning environment

delivery vehicles


People are swimming in and bombarded by information. Outlets for information (content) have multiplied into the trillions—and can be obtained in just a few clicks. 

People don’t need more information—they need personal transformation. 

Our specialized content ushers people into personal transformation so they can experience instant results. 

Companies that help people on a personal level receive the ripple effect benefits in the workplace. We teach people how to transform and upgrade themselves, because we know the powerful impact that has on an entire workplace.

People don’t need another gimmick, quick-fix, slogan, or device—that’s why our content is deliberately unlike any you typically see in the workplace. 


Learning environment

People are slammed with distractions. 

We create an environment designed to combat distractions, liberate stagnation, ignite creativity, and foster personal transformation.

Our ‘classroom’ intentionally disrupts the way people expect to learn. 

The mind grooves when the body moves—so getting people out of their comfort zones, out of their expectations and preconceived notions while learning new concepts engages one’s attention in a much more effective way

Our unconventional learning environment boasts:

  • No slide presentations or videos 
  • No screens or devices
  • Minimal desks, conference tables, chairs
  • Minimal intellectual (thinking) learning
  • Minimal lecture-based (talking head) learning


the delivery
vehicles we facilitate

How does Awareness Generation deliver their uniquely potent content? Since we recognize that you can’t fix the mind using the mind, instead we turn to evolved vehicles designed to break through the blocks of the human mind.

Participants enjoy and get more out of our uniquely engaging experience because the results come from the inside-out and deliver lasting ripple-effects.

Our unique bag of tricks includes a fusion of:

  • recipe breathing and movement
  • meditation
  • self-awareness/mindfulness
  • vocal engagement
  • audio tuning
  • private writing/journaling

We serve all industries and cultures—Variety sparks Vitality

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