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We offer both on and off site workshops and programs—each customized to the needs of your organization. Every company and the people in it have some uniqueness—we connect to your needs to ensure the delivery of an outstanding experience. 

Whether you need a 30 minute group session, a week-long retreat, or a couple hours a week over a span of time—we've got you covered. 

Camp Evolution is an example of a six week program typically facilitated off site, but can usually be adapted to your facility if onsite is necessary. Again, this is just an example—your actual learning plan will be discussed and customized. 

Camp Evolution at a Glance

A 25 hour program facilitated over a span of six weeks. Designed to accommodate daytime sessions and/or evening sessions for those working outside 9-5, or leaders unable to leave the workplace during regular hours.

Daytime Group
Start/end dates and times TBD
Evening Group
Start/end dates and times TBD
2-hour sessions—meet onsite or offsite, daytime or evening, once per week.
Each participant will have a one hour individual phone call with one of our licensed therapists who designs an individual transformation chart and provides topic-specific personal coaching.
15-minute daily assignment that starts in week two and runs for 40 consecutive days.
25 Total Hours
Price calculated by # of participants and location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ‘classroom’ intentionally disrupts the assumptions our minds love to make. Getting out of our ‘comfort zone’ while learning new concepts engages one’s attention in a natural way. At Camp Evolution there are no PowerPoints, no devices, no screens, no desks, and no conference tables—maybe not even chairs. Whaaaaaat? Yes, welcome to the world of ~ curated personal space ~ designed to liberate stagnation and encourage creativity.
Welcome to authentic engagement.

Since pretty much all the information people need is readily available in a few clicks—more information is NOT what people need. Instead, whether we consciously realize it or not, people are seeking transformation, and that’s the journey we take people through. A little personal transformation goes a long way—positive effects are seen at work, in relationships, in communications, in health…these are deliberate ripple effects each person and each company can experience.
Welcome to less—becoming more.

Prices are intentionally low—because we want to encourage any size company to participate. And, by keeping each individual program affordable, it enables companies to plug in successive programs, thereby creating a consistent Professional Development schedule where people learn about a variety of topics throughout the year. Mico learning is the way people best retain.
Welcome to flexible affordability.

Every single action (or lack thereof) that employees bring to work stems directly from their humanness—all behaviors are generated by our thoughts, which obviously start in the mind. By helping people manage their minds, we strike a root-cause solution. As a bonus, this makes your subsequent development programs flow more smoothly too.
Welcome to organic retention.

All programs incorporate an interesting and powerful fusion of conscious breathing, mindful body movement, various meditations, poignant lecture topics, self-reflection, private writing, vocal engagement, audio balancing, and mind therapy. Before each program begins, we learn about your company goals so we can effectively customize our tools. While specific learning outcomes will vary by the individual participant, our methods and content are designed to help people transform and organizations evolve.
Welcome to evolved delivery vehicles.

Want to see first hand how it works? Doing is believing.

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