Goodbye Stress—Hello Vitality

Goodbye Stress—Hello Vitality

Awareness Generation Launches #VitalityAwarenessMonth

Did #StressAwarenessMonth arm you with enough alarming statistics about the horrible effects of stress on people and production in the workplace? Are you feeling motivated or depressed?

Ultimately ‘awareness’ is a good thing—but what happens next? Traditional ‘stress management training’ has been in force for decades, yet people are more stressed now than ever.

And, have you noticed that one’s stress level has strangely morphed into a badge of honor—our measurement of how busy and stressed we are has somehow translated into a validation that fulfills our need to feel important and connected to all the other people talking about how stressed they are. This is a slippery slope. People talk a lot about stress—which keeps them swirling in stress.

As business leaders, I believe we already get it—we can feel the palpable consequences of stress all around us—from personal experience, from declining health of coworkers and loved ones, from observation of the masses.

Also, let’s remember we are in the ‘information age’ and therefore are conveniently tapped into (or bombarded by) all the information we need in a few clicks; stress information is readily available. So, if you didn’t get it, you can get it in a jiffy.

Other than the climbing stats, how new is the information? Personally, I don’t see how it’s changed much over the decades. I think we are pretty clear with what we shouldn’t do—yet we still have little help with how to do what we should do.

So, I say, enough with the staggering stats and undeniable data—let’s get on with the solutions!

People don’t need more information—
they need personal transformation.

What is the antithesis and antidote to stress? We believe the answer is: vitality. How much information can we find ‘out there’ about vitality? [insert sound of chirping crickets]. Not much unless you’re looking for your next miracle pill, high-end spa, or skin care practitioner.

The word vitality derives from the Latin word Vita which means life. Vitality is life, life’s force, health, strength, the ability to live with energy and enthusiasm, the must-have ingredient to propel one through all kinds of challenges whether they be in health, relationships, or the workplace.

Let’s bring Vita into the engines of our businesses; ignite the life within people. People are a company’s greatest asset, yet while we spend huge budgets, efforts, and time upgrading our technology—we really lost sight of the fact that humans need upgrades too!

That’s why I’m declaring May as #VitalityAwarenessMonth and promise to dedicate a significant portion of my company’s efforts this month to beefing up the vitality in your companies through helpful how-to tools and even a contest to have Awareness Generation come to your workplace and facilitate free workshops (you just cover travel expenses).

“A strong life force can be seen in physical vitality, courage, competent judgment, self-mastery, and the realization of each person’s unique talents and purpose in life.”

H.E. Davey

Let’s start our vitality engines by reframing our words, our conversations, and our actions away from the negative (stress) and into the positive (vitality). It all starts with our inner voice and consciousness around this simple yet powerful shift.   

The solutions are so incredibly simple and so fully accessible, that people have completely lost sight of them. They are literally right under our nose—actually, part of our nose.

“Inside each of us there is a marvelous compass which greatly favors life, freedom, and vitality.”

Bryant McGill

Instead of preaching that people ‘need to’ manage their stress, Awareness Generation teaches people how to transform stress into vitality, fear into confidence, confusion into collaboration and weakness into health.

Helping people transform their stress into vitality is our flagship mission and we’re so jazzed about what we do, we curated #VitalityAwarenessMonth as our platform to nourish you with helpful tidbits and tools throughout the month. Next week we’re launching a contest that gives away hands-on vitality workshops to be facilitated live in your organization!

People need tools to combat the fast-paced pressures of the information age. Let’s work together on reigniting enthusiasm, raising energy levels, expanding knowledge into powerful resources, and exploring the inner self to elevate the outer self.

To unleash vitality, productivity, and creativity in this highly distracted world, it requires that we:

  • Let go of our insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) and recognize that conventional stress management is no longer as effective as it once may have been.
  • Open up and take an evolved approach to the employee experience.
  • Learn from elevated content, served up with unconventional delivery methods.
  • Try something unlike you’ve ever witnessed in the workplace.
  • Try something that breaks through the patterns in the mind.
  • Try something where people will feel their own personal transformation and inevitably the benefits will ripple into their job performance.

Has your company tried a powerful combination of recipe breathing and movement, meditation, self-awareness, mindfulness, vocal engagement, audio tuning, and private writing/journaling? No? Of course not, because this formula hasn’t been introduced into the workplace until now.

We recognize the ‘discomfort’ around having to evolve and open up to new ways. After all, curating programs like this also required an evolved approach—but you’re worth it.

“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”

― Edith Södergran

What ‘unconventional methods’ has your company employed and what were the feedback and results? Please leave comments below or send us a message here and I’ll get you entered into our contest to win one live 3-hour vitality workshop (excluding travel expenses) before we officially launch the contest next week!

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