Marianne Bennett-Altschul

“My mission is to teach self-awareness, self-regulation, mindfulness, and meditation to maximize human potential, success, well-being, and happiness.”

Marianne Bennett-Altschul is a transformational life coach, clinical social worker, adjunct professor, and yoga-meditation teacher. She is also a labyrinth creator and facilitator. Marianne is a graduate of McGill University (BSW) and Columbia University (MSW). She is currently in private practice in Boca Raton, FL.

For the past 25 years, Marianne has trained and worked in many prestigious healthcare environments providing psychological and spiritual support to individuals, families, and groups who cope with HIV/AIDS, trauma, chronic, terminal and other life-threatening illnesses. She trained at Memorial Hospital Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center and worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC.

Marianne has been researching non-pharmacological approaches to stress, worry, pain, and suffering. Today, she is delivering interactive stress-mastery educational workshops in multiple settings including schools, businesses, community groups, and human service organizations.

Lauren Harrison

“Living in this fast-paced society, we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves, and the consequences show up in our job performance and overall happiness. That doesn’t fly with me because I have quite the story of transformation myself, so I know it’s possible for anyone else. I am built to steward personal transformation and I am so grateful for the opportunity!”

Lauren has been leading corporate and non-profit team building workshops focused on mindfulness, team development, self-awareness and meditation since 2013. Her diverse clientele includes healthcare companies and non-profit organizations as well as the community and clients they serve. Lauren empowers workshop participants to be the best version of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her interactive workshops teach and inspire you to eliminate stress, depression, health issues, anxiety, and self-doubt—all while cultivating consciousness, compassion, optimal health, productivity, and success.
Lauren loves riding horses, live music, hosting community gatherings, and awakening the best in people so they find their own inner happiness.

Julie DeMercado

“I am humbled to use the skills and techniques imparted to me by my teachers, these are practical tools and the transformation I’ve witnessed using these teachings is unlike anything I have ever seen.”

Julie earned a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling and is an RMT Certified Life Coach who also holds a B.Sc. in Exercise Physiology and Wellness. She combines her academic prowess with her personal transformation skills and infuses all into her role as a registered therapist and certified life coach. She is a well-respected facilitator of workshops, programs, courses, and retreats—all designed to assist others in personal transformation. Julie’s passion is the ability to assist groups of people with discovering their truest self, so they can succeed in their business ventures and refrain from living in stress and pains from the past.

Paige Klein

“Facilitating these workshops is so fun and the participants certainly appreciate the practical, life-changing skills they practice and take with them! I had a feeling these teachings would work great in the workplace—it was inevitable.”

Paige Klein was a bank auditor for most of her corporate career—with that comes her respect for the fragile skill of how to balance day-to-day operations with the overall strategic plans of an organization. She brings this skill to your workplace by facilitating step-by-step processes to achieve long term goals. Paige is always smiling, loves to laugh, and seriously enjoys helping others. Her workshops are dynamic and heartfelt, always changing and ever-evolving. From banker to personal transformer—she’s got the goods and loves to share them.

Lizette Stone

“I’ve seen so many times how even the smallest shift in perspective can create a bridge to self-empowerment and have a monumental impact in someone’s life—it’s what keeps me invigorated in what I do!”

Mama, teacher, healer, counselor, Self-ambassador, and author, Lizette Stone has been working in personal and professional transformation since 2000—leading people to positive places through alternative and holistic therapies in the fields of Massage Therapy, Paramedical Skin Care, Reiki (Japanese healing modality), and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She has spoken at numerous conferences and contributed to International publications throughout her career.

Sopurkha Kaur

“I’m on a mission to foster an Awareness Generation so people and companies can ignite themselves from the inside out. This is the solution companies don’t know they need—what we offer is unlike any other training in the workplace.”

Sopurkha fired herself in 2010 after a 15-year successful climb in sales/communications/marketing. “Success” had gotten to a point of providing scant fulfillment, damaging stress, and a strange disconnect—provoking the questions, “What is real happiness and how do I rebuild my life with it as my foundation?” She vowed to bring these answers back to help the many others who reported feeling similar symptoms.
She knew she needed to get to neutral, then defragment and reboot. Three months of volunteering on organic farms across Italy did the trick—there, while milking goats and harvesting grapes, Sopurkha connected to her inner GPS which led her to a plethora of teachings and experiences that completely transformed her life. In 2017, Sopurkha began formulating ‘the best of the best’ teachings into bite-sized, quick hit, practical tools that make powerful workplace workshops.
Sopurkha’s style is dynamic yet approachable, analytical yet creative, compassionate yet effective, curious yet grounded. She is filled with gratitude for the ability to live out her purpose of revitalizing people and igniting human brilliance in the workplace.

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